Basic Qestions About Bail Bonds Answered

Posted on: 20 February 2018

Being arrested and held in jail can be a stressful situation to face. In addition to being separated from your loved ones, you may also find that it is much more difficult to effectively coordinate a defense against the criminal charges. To help individuals pay their bail so that they can leave jail, it may be necessary to take advantage of bail bonding services. These services can be extremely useful, but individuals will often have a limited understanding of what they should be expecting when using these services.

Will Your Bail Bond Be Posted Immediately?

Once you are approved by the bail bonding service, your bond will be sent to the jail almost immediately. However, this does not mean that the defendant will be released almost immediately. Typically, the jail will take at least a few hours to process the bail bond. This can be much longer on holidays, weekends or other times where the jail may have lighter staff.

How Important Is Your Credit When Applying For A Bail Bond?

There are many individuals that will have fairly low credit scores or negative credit histories. This may lead to these individuals assuming that they will be unable to qualify for a bail bond due to these issues. Yet, a person's credit history will not be a major concern when applying for a bail bond. Rather, the bond will be secured with collateral. This will make it possible for individuals with poor credit histories to still be able to qualify for this type of financing.

Can The Bond Be Revoked?

As part of being released on bail, individuals will have to agree to comply with a number of requirements that are imposed by the courts. In the event that a person fails to comply with these regulations, they will have their bail revoked. If this happens, the bail bond will also be revoked. This can have major consequences for the defendant as they may find that they are forced to return to jail and the collateral that secured the bond may be forfeited. Due to these serious consequences, individuals should make sure that they are closely adhering to their bail requirements.

Bail bonding services can be critical for those that have been arrested. Without these services, it may not be possible to post the total bail amount. By understanding what to expect once the bail bond is posted, the fact that your credit history may not matter to the bond issuer along with the reality that bail can be revoked, you will be better able to handle the situation of being arrested and held in jail.